Photography basics

Aperture, shutter speed and ISO value are pretty much the basic principles of photography.

But there are plenty of high-quality articles and videos online about aperture, shutter speed and ISO value and all other aspects of basic photography. Just search in Google for the term "basic photography" and you will come across them. For those who prefer to take something in hand, you can also take a look at the online or local bookstore.

A list of online and offline courses would be possible. But perhaps you don't like what I like. Also, over time, the links might no longer exist, which makes me disappoint you. Spend some time online. I am sure you will find what you need..

Return to this blog if you are not shooting in auto mode. Because this is my first tip that I already give in the learning process basic photography. Make sure you switch from automatic mode (A) to manual (M) as soon as possible.

That camera thinks it knows everything better than you, which may be true in the beginning. But in the meantime you are not fully taking part in the creative process. Your learning curve will be a bit steeper but afterwards it will be much more rewarding.

When you have gone through the basic photography, the next step comes. Get out with the camera and take pictures. Gain experience. The more you are out with the camera the better you will become.

Shoot. Learn. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

As you can see, I will start at a higher level than basic photography and also in a specific direction:

  • architectural photography
  • (architectural) fine art photography, in color and/or black and white
  • landscape photography

Topics such as composition, lighting, technique, equipment and so much more will be discussed in detail.

So don't forget take a look here soon to gain even more knowledge.


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