From Basics to Fine Art

By Julia Anna Gospodarou & Joel Tjintjelaar

The e-book From Basics to Fine Art takes your ready knowledge to a higher level.

For me there are currently two photographers whose work particularly appeals to me. Julia Anna Gospodarou and Joel Tjintjelaar.

Together they published the book "From Basics to Fine Art - Black & White Photography - Architecture and beyond" in 2014. It is also seen by experts and other photographers as the better work on the topic of (architectural) fine art photography.

From Basics to Fine Art - Cover E-Book

From Basics to Fine Art gives an insight into their thoughts, their vision and how both photographers bring their personal creativity to their images. Topics such as composition, working with light and long exposure are all covered. This in a clear and understandable way of writing that also includes many tips. In addition to edited footage, several original RAW photos are also available so that you can clearly see what happens to the photo.

From Basics to Fine Art

Despite the somewhat older age of the book, it remains very relevant and is a "must read" for anyone involved in architectural photography or fine art.

You can still order the book From Basics to Fine Art online and it will be delivered in PDF format. For more information you can visit their web sites below:

Julia Anna Gospodarou
Joel Tjintjelaar


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